How do stretch marks appear

How do stretch marks appear on women? For most women weight fluctuations are the leading to cause the development of their stretch marks. Obesity, pregnancy, puberty and even weight lifting can make stretch marks appear. When the body experiences rapid weight gain, growth or weight loss, the body goes through changes. These changes are noticeable on the legs, thighs, stomach, hips and breasts. To learn more about the development of stretch marks and the areas they can affect, please refer to sites likeĀ

The changes on the body may look like fine, thin lines that can be either red or purple in color. Once these marks become a few months old they may begin to fade into a lighter, less noticeable color like white or silver. For women with any color stretch marks, they can be deceiving looking and can make an individual feel less comfortable with their body.

Fortunately, women can elect a stretch mark cream that can help diminish the look of stretch marks. There are hundreds of products to choose from and most of them can be shipped discretely to your home. With the advancements of technology, you can save time and money driving around town.

Electing stretch mark creams that can visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can help boost ones self-esteem. These creams may help visibly improve the look of your skin so that you look and feel great. Creams can offer multi-benefits, if you purchase a product that is promoted to do so. Some creams claim they can reduce roughness and dryness that is often associated with stretch marks. This may be beneficial to those individuals who are in an intimate relationship. No one wants to have rough, dry skin on any part of their body.

Improving the tone, radiance and clarity of your skin no longer has to be expensive. You can find dozens of lotions and creams that are sold for an affordable price. Products that may offer results in eight weeks and retail for less than $70 are some of the top options on the market. Products that retail for over $70 online may be expensive especially when compared to those that are less than $70.